Why NL English Academy?

Our Values

At NL English Academy, we prioritise the quality of education for our students above all else. Unlike other tuition centres that squeeze 10+ students into a single class, we believe in providing a personalised, small-class approach.

With the best resources in the industry, our academics have taught hundreds of students from many different schools. Their results speak for themselves.

Our goal is to truly help our students succeed in any way we possibly can. Not to profit at their expense.

Our Story

Years before NL English Academy, we were first a group of young friends from North Sydney Boys, James Ruse and Baulkham Hills High School. We all have immense gratitude and appreciation for our high school English teachers. They developed our love for learning, touched our hearts and (really) changed our lives years after graduating.

Our teachers showed us how passionate, supportive and perseverant teaching will make young students fall in love with learning. We strive to do the same, to nurture the next generation of students into growing a love for education and climb towards their full potential.

After a few years teaching at numerous other tuition centres, the NL English Academy team discovered three main concerns that many parents had when preparing their child for the OC & Selective Test.

1. Unreasonably large class sizes that make it impossible for students to concentrate and get individualised, tailored attention from teachers. We know students are easily distracted and forgotten about in large classes.

2. Not enough time spent on each subject a week since most tuitions only offer WEMT, resulting in poor foundational knowledge and learning gaps.

3. Lack of personalised feedback which makes it unclear on how exactly every single child can improve from their specific weaknesses.

We listened to your concerns, and NL English Academy was born.

NL English Academy OC & Selective Test English Tutoring Specialists

Accomplished Academics

We are honoured to have the best teachers in New South Wales on our team. From scholarship holders to top ATAR achievers, academic achievement is only the beginning. Our teachers are role models our students can turn to for advice, mentorship, and support.

24/7 online assistance, 1on1 mentorship sessions, extra resources, individual feedback and student performance tracking are just some of the things we do to provide students continual support in all aspects of their schooling life.

We are here to secure our students top marks.

NL English Academy OC & Selective Test English Tutoring Specialists


NL English Academy Tutoring

Our tutors pursue excellence to support, nurture and mentor our students.

We teach students the value of perseverance, and persistence towards a goal.

To ensure that your child's learning progresses, accelerating to full potential.


Our on-demand tutors are all top performing students and graduates from James Ruse, North Sydney Boys and Baulkham Hills High School.

We understand the English syllabus inside out. Students can reach out to tutors for any advice, any time. We will always do our best to support you!


We limit classes to small groups of 2-5, ensuring you receive individually tailored support for your learning journey.

We are flexible with student class preferences. Learn in a class with your friends!


Our lesson theory is tailored week-by-week for each class by our teaching team, placing our students ahead of their cohort.

We cover core concepts and techniques in depth, so students are more confident and prepared for their exams.


In week 5 & 10, tutors will create personalised feedback videos for every individual student, discussing your child's strengths, improvements, gaps, and recommendations.

After tracking your child's learning progress, we want parents to know exactly how their child is performing.

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