Specialist English Courses

Our small, online class content follows our specialised NL English Academy curriculum, designed and polished by Australia's highest OC, Selective Test and High School achievers. Each lesson is packed with advanced lesson notes, tips, techniques, practice questions, extensive feedback and homework. 

Term Program Inclusions:

  • 10x weekly online 2h personalised classes with maximum 5 students per class
  • 2x individual student feedback videos (Week 5 & Week 10)
  • Comprehensive lesson notes and extensive theory content
  • 1x end-of-term mock exam with extensive feedback
  • Lead by a 98.00+ ATAR tutor graduate from a top 3 selective school

Bonus Inclusions:

  • 24/7 online support & on-demand access to the tutor team for advice & feedback
  • Exemplar responses, vocabulary lists, checklists & other valuable resources

Specialist English Tutoring

OC Test - Reading & Writing

Setting the foundation for strong reading & writing habits, techniques and theory.

Year 3 Term Program ->

Year 4 Term Program ->

Selective Test - Reading & Writing

Extensive reading & writing preparation to master the exam.

Year 5 Term Program ->

Year 6 Term Program ->

High School - English HSC Foundations

Develop a strong foundation for the HSC Syllabus.

Year 7 Term Program->

Year 8 Term Program ->

Year 9 Term Program ->

Year 10 Term Program ->

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NL English Academy OC & Selective Test English Tutoring Specialists

Extensive mock exam feedback ⬇️

NL English Academy OC & Selective Test English Tutoring Specialists

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